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Worried about being diagnosed with COVID-19 during the trip?
If I’m not feeling well during my trip and diagnosed with COVID-19, am I covered by my travel insurance?

Under normal circumstances, if you are not feeling well during your trip and are diagnosed with COVID-19, please consult a local Registered Practitioner for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. Please keep all medical receipts and reports. You may submit a claim under the Medical Expenses section of your policy for any medical expenses you incur whilst overseas, regardless of COVID-19 or not.  The insurer’s claims team will assess your claim based on the terms and conditions of your policy.


Do any insurers have COVID-19 protection coverage?

Yes, some insurers have specific COVID-19 protection coverage, including cover should you be quarantined.  If you want to learn more, please check out our comparison table through our online form above!



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Travel Insurance pays you for a variety of potential losses that may occur while you are overseas. Find out all you need to know about choosing the right Travel Insurance policy for you and your family. Don’t let unexpected events spoil your holidays!

The key types of benefits include:  

  • Overseas medical treatment and emergency repatriation
  • Loss or delay of baggage
  • Delay or cancellation of trip

Who should buy Travel Insurance?

Everyone travelling abroad should have Travel Insurance coverage unless they are already covered by their employer's Travel Insurance program. However, do check that your employer's Travel Insurance covers you for your overseas holidays. Otherwise, you should purchase Travel Insurance covering the period of your personal trip.

Children and elderly should also be covered by Travel Insurance as the most important benefit of Travel Insurance – medical coverage and emergency repatriation may not be covered by any hospitalization plans and could be expensive to arrange without Travel Insurance coverage.


How much Travel Insurance coverage should you buy?

Travel Insurance typically comes with two options - a Single Trip Policy or an Annual Policy. If you intend to travel regularly during the year (more than six to nine times a year), an annual policy would provide more value for your money.

If you travel with your spouse and children, you may consider purchasing family plans which also provides more value for money than individual travel insurance plans for each family member.

The key categories of benefits of Travel Insurance include: overseas medical treatment and emergency repatriation; loss or delay of baggage and delay or any cancellation of trip are available across all plans. However, the claim limits may differ.

If you intend to bring many expensive items on your trip, you may want to buy a policy with a higher baggage claim limit.

There may be additional benefits that are trip specific and you should consider these when making your purchase. For example:

  • If you are going to drive on your holiday, you should buy a plan that covers the rental vehicle excess.
  • If you are travelling to China, you may consider buying plans with special benefits for China such as China Hospital Deposit Guarantee Card.


What does a Travel Insurance product look like?

The premium payment is made at the start of the policy. There is no refund of premium should you terminate a single trip policy. You may be able to obtain a small refund for an annual policy if you cancel the policy early during the policy period without having made any claims.

Most Travel Insurance policies have around 15 different categories of benefits. However, we suggest focusing on the key categories that are important to you when making your selection and ensuring that the level of coverage is adequate for you.

Remember that each travel policy covers one policyholder. This means that if you have a number of check-in baggages you should try to check these in under different (insured) persons.

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AXA Travel Insurance  

SmartTraveller Plus


Best for Travel to mainland China!

Includes the China Hospital Deposit

Guaranteed Card which gives you

deposit-free hospital admission to

selected hospitals in the mainland.


MSIG Travel Insurance

TravelSurance 7.0


Golfer’s Choice - Hurray, it’s a

“Hole-in-One”! You are covered for

the hospitality cost of up to HK$5,000.

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Allied World Travel Insurance



Wary about using your credit card in foreign countries? Protect yourself with Allied World's JourneyGuard which has the best credit card fraud cover.  


Chubb Travel Insurance  



An explorer at heart?

Enjoy the highest personal accident

and medical expense coverage.


Chubb Travel Insurance

TravelWell Cruise Asia Plan


Planning a breezy cruise holiday?

Protect your planned sightseeing activities with cruise benefits in the event of cancellation or curtailment of any pre-booked, pre-paid excursion tours.

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2. 汽車保險的特徵?




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